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WELCOME TO: Nursery & Reception

In nursery the topic this half term is Bears. The children will be learning about:

  • Tasting porridge.
  • Drawing maps.
  • Exploring grass, mud and water and using them to make art.
  • Making rockets out of junk
  • Learning about how different things feel and words I can use to describe them.
  • Make a special coat for Jerry Giraffe to keep him dry.
  • Practising working together as a team. Co-operating and sharing things.
  • Practising moving in different ways going on our own Bear Hunt.
  • Practising cutting using scissors.
  • Talk about favourite stories, the characters, the beginning middle and end of stories. We will also be saying words that rhyme and listening to sounds in words.
  • Comparing new and old bears.


In reception the topic this half term is Water and Under the Sea. The children will be learning about:

  • Facts about sea / water creatures.
  • Different environments.
  • Making waves.
  • Floating and sinking.
  • Making a boat, predicting and testing to see if it floats.
  • Waterproof/not waterproof.
  • Different traditions.
  • Healthy lifestyle.
  • Continuing to develop fine motor control through threading, cutting, small beads.
  • Developing cutting skills.
  • Travelling round, under, over and through equipment.
  • Small equipment– bats, balls, hoops.
  • Painting / collage pictures.
  • Music– sea / water songs.
  • Fish and sea creatures’ movements.
  • 3D pictures building up step by step.
  • Split pin sea creatures.
  • Respecting living things.
  • Looking after sea creatures & their environment.
  • Sharing games independently.
  • Being independent when dressing and undressing for PE.