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WELCOME TO: Nursery & Reception

In nursery this half terms topic is Colours and Patterns. The children will be learning about:

  • Making patterns and mixing colours

  • Making different celebration cards

  • Cooking Easter nest cakes

  • Dinosaur patterns

  • Rainbow fish patterns

  • Learning about making different patterns and looking at patterns in the world around us

  • Talking about changes

  • Animal prints and patterns

  • Designing clothed by selecting prints

  • Talking about people who are special to us, how they help us and what they do

  • Think about ways to be a good friend

  • Think about ways to stay safe (e.g. when cooking). Continuing to practise balancing and moving outside

  • Thinking about different ways to move and travel

  • Using scissors safely

  • Practise putting on and doing up our own coats


In reception this half terms topic is Tea party. The children will be learning about:

  • Saint Patrick's Day

  • Spring and Easter

  • Making sandwiches, cakes, jelly

  • Decorating smile stones

  • Senses– taste, smell, touch

  • Tea– where it grows

  • Country Dancing

  • Healthy eating

  • Continue to develop fine motor control through threading, cutting, small beads

  • Mother’s Day

  • Circle time- caring for toys

  • Music– sound patterns

  • Exploring instruments and how to change the sound they make

  • Different materials to use when drawing or painting

  • Creations based around our story of the week.

  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

  • Continue to be independent when choosing the things they need

  • Continue to be independent when dressing and undressing.