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Today you are going to learn about your digital foot print. To access this learning, you will need to log onto purple mash. Your login details can be found on the inside cover of your home learning journal. Once you have logged in you need to click on 2DOs where you will find all the resources you will need.

Task 1:


Open the Digital Footprint Slideshow. Read through the slideshow and think about what information you can gather about Ash Smith based on what she posts online. You may want to make notes in your home learning journal to help you remember.


Think about the following:

  1. Was there anything on there that she may not want other people to see?
  2. Was there anything that made her look bad?
  3. Was there anything that gave too much personal information?


Task 2:


Using the slide above make two lists in your home learning journal of the good ways to keep you personal data secure and a list of bad ways of keeping your personal data secure.




Good ways to keep you personal data secure:

  • I should log out of sites when I have finished using them.


Bad ways to keep you personal data secure:

  • It's okay to give my brother my password to use.


Task 3:

Open the digital footprint quiz which can be found in your 2DO section and test yourself on how much you have learnt.