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Today you will really need the help of an adult. 



Does it matter if people are not fair?


Ask an adult to give you a biscuit or a piece of fruit. Cut the item into 2 pieces, however YOU would like! Now ask your adult to choose one of the two pieces, which did they choose? How did that make you feel?

Now repeat again with another piece of fruit / biscuit etc. This time, make sure that you know clearly that the other person will choose first. How will you cut the item this time? Will you be more careful with your cutting? Is it fair? How do you feel?


Now play a game of snakes and ladders or something similar, as you play, change the rules, go up the snakes and down the ladders; all the boys get 2 throws of the dice each time etc. Is this fair? How do you feel now?

Discuss with your adult about being fair, how you feel inside if you think something isn’t fair; What does being fair teach us when we are playing or sharing with family or friends?


Perhaps you could draw some pictures or write a sentence about how it made you feel. Is it good to be fair? Do we need to be fair all the time? Should we always consider others when we are making choices and decisions. 


You could draw your biscuit or cake and tell me which piece you had and why. Or you could post some photos or a video on Seesaw and tell me what you think should happen.