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Lesson Objective

L.O. I am learning to use a pictogram to answer simple questions.


Unit 2.4 Questioning

We are moving on with our computing learning this term and we are going to be exploring data handling, creating charts & graphs, answering questions and much more!


Lesson 1

Today we are going to learn what a pictogram is and have a go at creating a pictogram ourselves.


Now this would have been much more fun if we were all at home to do this, however we will have to make do the best we can!



1.Read through the handout and look at the different types of homes.

2.Go on a home hunt with your adults, walk down your road and count how many houses, flats, bungalows etc... there are and collect the data by tallying.

3.Use this information to complete the pictogram on purple mash. This has been set in your 2DO’s.



Can you answer these questions using your pictogram?

•             How many people live in semi-detached houses?

•             Do more people live in flats than bungalows?

•             How many houses have four people living in them?

Unit 2.4 - Lesson 1