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Extreme Earth


For our lesson today, we will focus on earthquakes. 


Work through the powerpoint slides to improve your understanding of the subject. 



Task 1

Complete The Ring of Fire sheet. You might need to google for further information.


Task 2

You will need worksheet A, earthquake cards and the atlas copy, which you will find in your home learning pack.

Stick worksheet A into the centre of a double page spread and attach the information around the outside. You will need the atlas picture to do this. You might want to use an online map of the world instead.


For example, 

'An earthquake with a magnitude of 9.5 hit Valdivia, Chile in 1960.' 

Looking at the map, I can see that Chile is in South America. This means I would attach this small rectangle of information near the bottom left corner of my map. I would also use a ruler to draw a neat line between the information and Chile.