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Information for parents

We have provided a few documents fo you to have a look at and use over the coming weeks.


We have some learning support for the children - these are resources that they have access to at school and use in their day-to-day learning in class. We would advise that you download and print these if you are able to. Collect a pre-printed pack from school if you are unable to print at home. Alternatively, keep the document open on the device you are using (in another window if you are using a PC, netbook, chromebook or Mac, or in an application if you are using an android or apple device.) This means that the children can refer to the support whilst they are doing their activities for the day. 


We have some learning support for parents - a suggested timetable, reading with your child, how to support using spelling shed and TTRockstars and other general support that we will add over the coming days.



If you would like any help regarding the website, lesson videos or tasks, please send a message underneath.


In your message please include your child's first name, which Year 3 class they are in and try to be as detailed with your question as possible.


Please note, only remote, online learning questions to do with the curriculum will be taken here. For general enquiries and all other questions please phone the school office.

Year 3 - Parent Questions