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Our library is split into two areas, covering Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


The Key Stage 1 library is used by the class teacher. Children are able to borrow books under their guidance.


The Key Stage 2 library is mainly used by Years 3-6, although some lucky Year 2 pupils get the opportunity to borrow books from here too.


Pupils might also use each library as a learning space with an adult.


We use “Junior Librarian” software and a number of children act as librarians under the guidance of members of staff.


Each child in the school has their own unique, bar coded, library bookmark ticket. This means that every time the children borrow a book we will have a log of the name of the book and the date that it was borrowed on – just like a public library!


As we believe reading is at the heart of the curriculum, we are continuously investing in new books to engage readers.


In Key Stage 1, we use books that are linked to phonics and the Key Stage 1 library and class library is available for additional books of personal choice. Therefore, in the Key Stage 1 library children will find a range of fiction and non fiction texts to meet varying interests.


In Key Stage 2, and Year 2 when ready, we follow a reading scheme called Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader is a really effective software tool used to monitor reading. It enables students of all abilities to improve their reading and comprehension skills by guiding them to books at an appropriate level for them.


Students take a STAR test to establish their STAR reading level. Students then read books within this level. Our Key Stage 2 library holds a vast range of AR books, which are organised by reading level.


These AR books are used in our afternoon Accelerated Reader sessions in school. Our AR books stay in school, as they are part of a reading lesson.


In Key Stage 2, children are required to take home a book from their class library. A number of books in their class library have been given a ZPD so that they match up to the AR reading scheme. Children are encouraged to select a book, which meets their ZPD, or a book of personal interest.


At the moment, we have brought the library into the classroom. This means your child will still get the opportunity to select a book in a safe environment. Books are also quarantined after use, once a year group are ready for a new selection.


Lucky Year 5 have been selected to read in the library, during our AR sessions, over the summer term. They enjoy a weekly visit to relax in style amongst our specially chosen books.