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Math Guidance & Information

Maths Guidance 

There will be daily timetables that will outline the learning focus and learning objective, online resources and follow up activities, with task sheets. 


Lesson Structure

Each lesson will begin with a video to introduce the learning, followed by the task sheet to allow children to apply their skills. 


Online Learning and Resources

Here are the links to the two main websites that will be used to share videos of live teaching.

Task Sheets

These are the sheets we use in maths in school; with the opportunity to practice & challenge yourself too. On these you will find 4 areas of learning:


  1. Five Minute Maths – here you will be given some arithmetic questions to answer. You can use your 100 square or number line to help you, but try to use the methods you’ve been taught in class.
  2. Practice – here you will move onto the focus of the lesson, these questions are easier and allow you to practice the skill.
  3. Stretch – here you begin to stretch your understanding of the skill and have a go at some harder questions
  4. Challenge – here you will find some challenging/problem solving questions to try and explain your reasoning; these are supposed to be harder, so don’t worry if you need help!

Not every lesson will have all 4 areas of learning, so don’t be alarmed if you only see a practice.


You will find each daily task sheet on the school website, as well as in paper form in the children’s home learning packs.


You will find two task sheets uploaded onto the school website each day, GROUP A and GROUP B; here is the list of children and which group they are in to match to their learning needs.


Harrison, Isa, Iniyah, Lucas, Riva, Alanna


Anisha, Riziki , Alisha B, Martha, Alisha C, Isabella, Arshiya, Olerato, Kaltoum, Sabrin, Kaiden, Samuel

Sumaiya, Riley, Erin, Aida, Jamal


Jamie, Matthew, Lila, Shermia, Rhogue, Jenna, Hridyansh, Jamarion, Lexi


                                                           GROUP B - 2BL

Abu, Abdulhadi, Shihan, Yasna, Florence, Abdul-Qadir, Mazeedat, Kassidy, Laila, Richard, Melody, Jude, Hollie