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Warm Up


100 Splat Square - 10 more & 10 less

10 more & 10 less

In this video we will learn to rapidly recall 10 more and 10 less from numbers up to 100. Then we will go through today's five minute maths.

10 More, 10 Less | Math Song for Kids | Adding & Subtracting by 10 | Jack Hartmann

10 more, 10 less gives strategies for mentally finding 10 more or less than a two digit number without having to count or explain the reasoning used. Adding...

Learning Focus - Comparing Money


Now that we have warmed up our brains, we are ready to move onto the main learning for today!


Watch the videos to help you, then complete the task sheet and upload this to seesaw.




Compare money

Compare money" by White Rose Maths.

Comparing Money

In this video Miss Bridgen will explain how to using the < less than, > greater than and = to symbols to compare amounts.