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Remember to start your lesson with your Five Minute Maths. You will find this in your remote learning pack. Here is another copy in case you have not got yours yet, or you have misplaced it. It should be Week 1 Day 4, as days 1-3 were completed last week.

Today, we will begin our introduction into decimal numbers. 


You can complete your work in three different ways:

Online through Purple Mash where it is set as a 2Do.

Online through Seesaw where it is set as an activity.

In your work book, using the worksheets posted here. (You can upload this to Seesaw for me to mark, or you can mark it yourself when I put up the daily answers.)


You will need to see which colour sheet you should focus upon. Here is a reminder:




Decimals to 2 decimal places

Use this teaching video slightly differently to last week.
Watch the video but your work has been selected in the way we would normally use at school e.g. Practise, Stretch and Challenge. This means you might not need to pause the video.

If you have found this a bit tricky and are not quite ready to start your work, then here are some supporting teaching videos to help with your learning. 
Here you will find your work for today.

Congratulations on completing your maths today. Here are the answers.