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Remember to start your lesson with your Five Minute Maths. You will find your sheet in your remote learning pack.


Do not forget to also warm up your mathematical brain through the following websites:


Daily Ten


If you have not picked up your home learning pack, then here are the questions:

For our maths today, we will focus on thousandths. Watch the teaching video below for White Rose Maths. Remember, you will not need to pause it unless you need some extra thinking time and want to rewind to review your learning.


After you have completed the video, you can start your work. You can complete your work in three ways: on Purple Mash, where I have set it as a 2Do; on Seesaw, where it is set as an activity or you can complete it in your home learning book. You can upload a picture of this to Seesaw later, if you wish, so that I can check your learning. I will also upload the answers this evening or tomorrow morning so you can check your work too.


*If you find that the video moved to quickly for you, and you wish to review your understanding, there is another video attached which should help you. 


Teaching video - White Rose Maths - Understand thousandths