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Welcome to maths for the day!



We need to start our lesson with our Five Minute Maths. The resource is in your work pack, but I will put it here too in case you have misplaced it. Make sure you complete tasks on TTRS and Daily 10 first!



In our maths lesson today, we will move onto the next stage of co-ordinates. We will now be working in all four quadrants. The rule of along the corridor and up the stairs still works here, but there are some slight changes. 

If you are working in the first quadrant (you were here Monday and Tuesday) you follow the rule 'along the corridor and up the stairs'.


If you are working in the second quadrant, you still follow this rule but you will be moving from the point of zero (0) to the left before moving 'up the stairs'. You will notice that your co-ordinate will involve a negative number as its first co-ordinate. e.g. (-3, 1)


If you are working in the third quadrant, you will move towards the left from zero and then you will go 'down the stairs'. Your co-ordinates should both be negative numbers. e.g. (-1.5, -2.5)

Finally, if you are working in the fourth quadrant, you will move towards the right (from zero) and then 'down the stairs'. Your co-ordinates should be a positive followed by a negative. e.g. (2, -3)


The teaching videos will explain it and model it in more detail for you. We shall call the above information a 'cheat sheet'.


For those of you who need a reminder...laugh

Remember L for left when you hold your hands - palms away - in front of you.


Please complete your work on the 2Do set on Purple Mash or the activity set for you on Seesaw. They are the same tasks.


Please check the group you are in and only complete one page per task e.g. If you are completing the orange work, you will complete one orange practise, one orange stretch and one orange challenge. 

Four quadrants

Remember, you will only see snippets of this work on your worksheets so you shouldn't need to pause the video unless you need time to reflect and rewind.