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Five Minute Maths!!


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Good morning!


Today, in maths, we will move onto translations.


When I think of the word 'translate', I consider its root word and meaning:

prefix trans-, meaning "across" or "beyond."


Here are some examples I can think might have more e.g. transit

  • translate - as in convert/ change one language across into another, or to understand words in a different language/position
  • transplant - to move an object across from one place to another 


This understanding will help me today, as I now know my learning is about moving across. 


In maths, when I am translating a shape, I am moving the shape to another position. The shape will not change, but its position in the quadrants will. 


Please watch the introduction video clip below, as this is a very clear explanation.


There are two further support videos at the bottom of this page, if you feel you need further examples and guidance.


*For  reminders on the four quadrants and what co-ordinates should look like in each quadrant, please see the maths introduction for Wednesday to refresh your memory.