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We will start our lesson with our Five Minute Maths. Complete tasks on TTRS and Daily Ten before moving onto your 5MM sheet. 



For maths today, we will continue with our algebra. You have been working so hard on this so far. Remember, if you are stuck, let me know on Purple Mash. This happened yesterday and I was able to send a link for a 'walk through' of the PSC for our orange group, which really helped some children. smiley


Also, if you complete your work on Seesaw and you are stuck, then you can hand it in and tell me you are finding it tricky. I can then feedback and demonstrate some tasks for you over the top of your work. I have done this for a few children over the last few weeks and they have found it helpful.


Please ask me for help when you need it.

Watch the teaching video below for guidance.

Forming expressions