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Maths - Week 5 - Lesson 2


Today in Maths you'll be learning how to tell and write the time to 5 minutes. Once your ready, you'll need to answer all the practise, stretch and challenge questions on this topic!


YELLOW- Complete the activity on the 1st page.

BLUE AND GREEN- Complete the activity on the 2nd page.

RED AND ORANGE- Complete the activity on the 3rd page.


(Remember to always choose the level that you feel challenged by)


CHALLENGE- Go onto TTRS and get all the questions right in one round. 

EXTRA SUPPORT- Watch the lesson on telling the time to 5 minutes from Oak Academy.


If you can't print or find it difficult to transfer the worksheets into your home learning book, please now use the interactive worksheets on Seesaw. To do this:

1. Login into Seesaw

2. Go to assignments

3. Find the lesson's worksheets 

4. Add a response

5. Edit the worksheet