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Mrs Brooks Maths (Autumn Term Self Isolation)

Welcome to Mrs Brooks' Set Home Learning


On this page you will find two weeks of pre-planned lessons for those who may be self-isolating. Week 1 is new learning missed from Year 5 with some Year 6 content added - Roman Numerals and Negative Numbers. Week 2 contains lessons around division and although by mid-term, this will have been taught in school, the lessons help to deepen understanding and demonstrate varied approaches.


There is a weekly timetable which gives lesson overviews - Times tables practice, Daily 10 fluency work, Target Work and main lesson - just as the lesson would be structured and timed in school. Each day contains the website links and available as separate documents also are worksheets for that day.


Please ensure all work is completed in the home learning exercise book provided by school.


A home learning pack and bag or resources is available from school - please contact Mrs Lillie.


Mrs Brooks