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Mrs Phillips Literacy (Autumn Term Self Isolation)

On this page you will find two weeks of pre-planned lessons for Mrs. Phillips' Y5/6 literacy set, along with a group lists and a daily timetable.

Please check the accompanying group list to see which pieces of work you need to complete each day.  There are different groups for phonics, grammar and reading.  All pupils in the set will have the same spellings to learn and the same writing focus. 

Work listed on these pages are for literacy only.  Please refer to Year 5 or Year 6 Home Learning pages for curriculum work which accompanies this.

Year 5 / 6 Mrs Phillips’ Set Self Isolation Online Home Learning Timetable


Literacy – each day:

  • 20 minutes of phonics
  • Go through the allocated flashcards, identifying the letter name and sound or the sound that the group of letters makes and a word which contains that sound.
  • Complete the accompanying phonics practice sheet
  • 20 minutes of reading - either the home reading books or the books allocated on Bug Club with the accompanying questions.  Once a week there is also a written reading comprehension text and set of questions
  • 20 minutes of SPAG (spelling, punctuation & grammar) to include:
  • 15 minutes completing the SPAG activity sheet
  • 5 minutes practicing the spellings for the week
  • 30 minutes on the writing activity for that day

Reading Comprehension Week 1 Group 1

Reading Comprehension Week 2 Group 1

Reading Comprehension Week 1 Group 2

Reading Comprehension Week 2 Group 2

Reading Comprehension Week 1 Group 3

Reading Comprehension Week 2 Group 3

Week 1 Spellings - All Pupils

Week 2 Spellings - All Pupils

SPAG Group 1 Days 1 -10

SPAG Group 2 Days 1 - 10

Writing Focus - All Pupils