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Nursery (Autumn Term Self Isolation)

smiley ​​​​​​Welcome to Nursery's Home Learning Page!  smiley


We have created a selection of activities for you to share with you and your child.  


Don't forget you can share your child's wonderful learning on Tapestry so we can comment and set additional challenges. 


Phonics Focus: We are looking at environmental and instrumental sounds. What sounds can you identify around the house? Can you recognise instrumental sounds?


Literacy Focus: There are lots of ways to mark make, not just writing. Have a go at some of the suggested activities or try your own!


Mathematics Focus:  Have a go at counting, counting out, singing counting songs, recognising shapes in the environment with your child. 


Curriculum Focus: Our topic this half term is Nursery Rhymes. We have thought of some fun activities for different Nursery Rhymes. Can you have a go at making them yourself? What other rhymes do you know?



We also do a lot of child-led learning in free flow. At home this could look like a craft or cooking activity, building with blocks, sharing stories and acting them out, role playing with cuddly toys, having a go at making up your own song, playing with sand, playdough or water. You could talk to your child about what they are doing. enlightened


Happy Learning!


Mrs Oxley and Mrs Jarrett , Nursery   heart