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Outdoor activities

At Kingsthorne, we appreciate that we do not get this gift from Mother Nature very often. Therefore, this afternoon I would like you to complete a few of the following tasks. Upload your afternoon fun to Seesaw - if you would like to share your adventures.


1. Build a snowman/snow-woman. Who can build the biggest? (I definitely want to see pictures of these!)

2. Investigate how fast snow melts in different conditions (in a fridge/ freezer/ next to the radiator/ on the windowsill). You will need to keep this a fair test! Collect the snow in cups and make sure the same amount is in each.

3. Design a snowflake. Try and use our tonal techniques.

4. Go on a hunt for footprints and animal prints in the snow. Take a photo and sketch this when you get home. Try and use our tonal techniques. 

5. Go sledging. Find and test hills and slopes. What makes a good sledging hill? (Is it height? Is it fresh snow?)

6. Observe the snowy scene from your window and sketch a winter scene. Try and use our tonal techniques.