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Learning Focus – Apostrophes for Possession


In today’s phonics session we are continuing our learning from yesterday, looking at when to use an apostrophe for possession.


BBC Bitesize has a very useful learning video, game and quiz to help you learn in a fun way!

Apostrophes for Possession

Learn with Miss Bridgen! In this video we will build on from Thursday's lesson, looking at spelling words using apostrophes for possession.



Shared Story

Pete’s Peculiar Pet Shop – I want a unicorn!


Today Miss Bridgen has chosen a funny book all about a princess who wants a unicorn as a pet. Read along with me and help me to answer the questions.

Shared Story - I want a unicorn!

I will add this book to your bug club so you can read it at home too! Don’t forget to spend your coins.

Bug Club - My Rewards