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Pupil Responsibilty

Stemming from the core values of the Kingsthorne Tree, children are encouraged to develop the following skills:


These skills have been nurtured in a number of schemes running throughout the key stages at the school.


  • Year 1 learn how to look after the Key Stage 1 library and are responsible for keeping it tidy. 
  • In Year 2, some children have been trained to act as ‘buddies’, providing a service to other children within the key stage who find joining in games or making friends difficult. The aim is to develop skills of problem solving and empathy. In addition, there is also a rota scheme where children are responsible for getting equipment for playtimes. This encourages children to develop organisational skills and independence.
  • Year 3 have been given the task of championing all things environmental. A group of children from both classes have been making sure that our playground environment is tidy by litter picking. They are also running a gardening project during the Summer Term.
  • Year 4 work in teams to run charity events throughout the year. This includes Macmillan Coffee Morning, Children in Need, NSPCC and the RSPCA. They learn about the work of the charity and help to organise fund raising across the school.
  • Year 5 are Play Leaders. A team of Year 5 pupils have been chosen, along with the 15 lunchtime supervisors, to receive valuable training in play leadership. The sessions were led by Aspire coaches and the children and lunchtime supervisors then took part in the Play Maker award which aims to develop skills such as organisation, communication and teamwork. Each day, a team of up to 3 Year 5 play leaders lead lunchtime play activities, under the watchful supervision of the lunchtime supervisors. Each child is visible due to their brightly coloured red hoodies.
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  • Year 6.  Kingsthorne School is proud to say it has a team of prefects. These children were carefully selected after a rigorous application and interview process. They represent the very best that Kingsthorne has to offer and are our standard bearers for expectations regarding positive behaviour and attitudes in school. They hold positions of responsibility around the school carrying out supervisory duties during lunch and break times. Prefects have monthly meetings with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss and action school improvement. They liaise with their partner class to discuss suggestions, gain opinions and order resources. Last years prefects successfully redesigned the children's toilets. This year the team have been part of the redesign of the assembly hall and have helped with the appointment process for Dolce, the new provider of school meals. We are very proud of them and think they look very smart in their unique uniforms.