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Good afternoon!


This afternoon we will delve into a story from the Bible. 


Remember, in RE we use this time to study other religions. The more we know about other faiths, the more chance we have of understanding another person's rituals and beliefs. This then leads to a harmonious society.


Our story today is about a man called Jesus, who Christians believe was the son of God. The short film shows the journey of Jesus from just after being arrested to dying on the cross in front of lots of witnesses.


In order for Jesus to be put into this position of being arrested and then dying on the cross, he was betrayed by one of his close friends Judas. To be betrayed is a bit like when somebody tells lies about you behind your back. In this case, Judas knew that some soldiers wanted to arrest Jesus and so he told them where Jesus would be found - just for a bag of gold coins. 


It is a very sad story, but Christians believe it also to be one of hope as they believe that Jesus will return to them. It is also a story of forgiveness, as just before he died, Jesus announces forgiveness for anyone who wanted - so even in his dying moment, he forgave the very men who killed him.


The reason this Christian story is important at this point in the year is because we are in the season of Lent. Lent is a time where Christians give up items they enjoy, so they can feel a fraction of what Jesus felt during his final months on Earth. We are also close to the day in a Christian's religious calendar, Good Friday, which reminds them of this very day. 




Read through the slides below and watch the short clip. The task on the final slide can be completed in your remote learning book or on Seesaw. It is very important that you read through the slides and watch the video as this will make your task easier.