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For reading today, we begin a new text. The text today is a picture book, but this is no ordinary picture book. You might recall picture books from when you were in younger year groups. Picture books are a fantastic way to develop inference from the clues the images give you. When we infer, we are reading between the lines. We use all the clues the author has given us to build an idea, an assumption or a impression of a character or setting. Picture books are renowned for being a brilliant tool for this.


Yes, we will focus on the short text used, but a big focus will also be on what the pictures are telling us and how that influences your understanding as a reader. 


I have selected this book for a reason. When we return to school, we will use a different book by this author and so it will be nice for you to have experienced the magic he creates with images first.

There is no task requirement on Seesaw and Purple Mash for reading today, as it is an engagement lesson. You might record some ideas in your work book, but today is about understanding the text.