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There are 2 reading activities for you to do today:

- bug club (try to finish the at least 1 whole book, rather than start and stop)

- reading comprehension activity in paper pack


As similar to previous days, these have been resourced into phase 3 and phase 5:


Phase 3

If you read a pink, red, yellow or blue home-reading book, you need to work on the phase 3 activities. Of course, you can complete the phase 5 activities too, but you may need some adult support.


Phase 5

If you read a green, orange, turquoise, purple, gold, white or lime green home-reading book, you need to work on the phase 5/6 activities. 


Check out the daily timetable for more information on today's reading tasks!


Phonics Play

In this video we will play the game 'Pond Life Plurals' together. Don't forget you can play this game anytime by going to and logging in. This is a great way to practice all of those new spelling rules we have learnt.