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There are 2 reading activities for you to do today:

- phonics games on purple mash

- reading comprehension activity in paper pack


As similar to yesterday, these have been resourced into phase 3 and phase 5:


Phase 3

If you read a pink, red, yellow or blue home-reading book, you need to work on the phase 3 activities. Of course, you can complete the phase 5 activities too, but you may need some adult support.


Phase 5

If you read a green, orange, turquoise, purple, gold, white or lime green home-reading book, you need to work on the phase 5/6 activities. 


Check out the daily timetable for more information on today's reading tasks!


Singular and Plural - Rule 2 - Add 'es'

In this video Miss Bridgen moves onto the next key rule for changing words from singular to plural - adding 'es'. Make sure you watch carefully, then complete the follow up task into your green learning book.

There are additional activities in your pack to complete, but you don't have to complete them all today.