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Shared Reading

Miss Bridgen has recorded a video of a shared reading for the story Dino-Soaring. Read the book along with Miss Bridgen and answer the bugs together! You will also find that all of you have this book uploaded onto you bug club, so you can read it at home at any time :)


Adding 'ed' to change words into the past tense.


Lesson 3 - double the consonant and add 'ed'.


At the end of the video I do mention uploading your work onto Jigsaw, it is not Jigsaw, I was supposed to say Seesaw. You can collect your Seesaw log in information from school, then begin uploading work on here for me to see.




Rule 3 - Double the consonant and add 'ed'

Miss Bridgen has recorded a video, going through the PPT slides, looking at rule 3 for adding 'ed'. Please watch this video and complete the follow up work.