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Good afternoon!


This afternoon for our science lesson, we will be focusing on how to keep healthy and the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.


Watch the teaching videos for reminders on a healthy diet, how different people need slightly different diets and the impact of a healthy diet on your body. 


You might want to watch all three, however, you might just want to watch the one which will support your learning the most today.


If you can remember lots from your science learning in Year 4, then you just need to watch the final video.


If you need quite a few reminders, then you might wish to watch them all.


If you are feeling fairly confident, then the most helpful ones for this lesson are video 2 and 3.


You will need to read through and work through the powerpoint below to understand your two tasks today. You have the whole afternoon to complete this lesson. 


Please upload a picture of your final poster to Seesaw at the end of the day. 

Read through this powerpoint.