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Today, I am very excited to trial a new task in Seesaw. Log in and you should see this page set as an interactive post. Give it a try and let me know how you get on!




The chalkboard will take you to your handwriting example.

The owl will take you to your reading lesson. The board to the right of the owl will share with you another retell of the new text your are reading in your reading lesson. 

The English book will take you to your English lesson.

The calculator will take you to some extra maths support for your lesson. 

The math symbols on the shelf will take you to TTRS.

The guitar will take you to your music lesson. 

The balls will take you to Joe Wicks for if you wanted to take part in his session for the day. 

The jigsaw - unfortunately - does not have a link. 


I will set out the day as normal on here, as I know you are used to finding everything on here, but I  am hoping for some feedback on Seesaw for how you found the interactive image. Perhaps you can comment when you register yourself in...


It feels a little bit more like a classroom. smiley



Please can you register yourselves on Seesaw this morning! 


Thank you!!!

It is Wednesday, which means Joe Wicks is live on his Youtube channel for 9am. If you can not make this time, but wish to join in, it will be available on Youtube for you to use.