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Week 1

Literacy and Numeracy work will be uploaded here on a daily basis for those in my teaching sets and this work is intended to last the whole morning.  

Spellings or handwriting - 15 minutes

Reading - 30 minutes

Grammar - 15 minutes

Main Literacy / Writing - 45 minutes

Times Tables - 15 minutes

Main Numeracy Lesson - 60 minutes


For curriculum work to be completed in the afternoons, please check under the home learning the Year 5 section.

Maths Lesson - Wednesday
Grammar Lesson Wednesday
Reading Session for Wednesday
Handwriting - Wednesday
Main Literacy Session - Wednesday
Maths Lesson Thursday
Grammar Lesson - Thursday
Main Literacy Session - Thursday

Reading Session - Thursday

Go through the power point.  Record in your book using the day and L.O. from slide one what think the story will be about and how you know from the illustrations given.

Maths Lesson Friday
Grammar Lesson Friday
Reading Lesson Friday
Main Literacy Lesson Friday