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Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of remote learning!


I have been very impressed with the number of children who are completing their learning interactively on Purple Mash, Seesaw or who are uploading evidence of their work. This means I can look at your work - just like I would in school. I am also so proud of the mature way in which you are conducting yourselves online too: respectful, diligent and responsible. All three are key skills which I would expect in a Year 6 child - so well done!


Today, we begin a new week of learning. In this week, we will cover the following learning experiences: 

enlightened In maths, you will have an introduction to decimal numbers.

enlightenedIn English, we will continue with you non-chronological reports.

enlightenedIn reading, we will complete the text The Firework Maker's Daughter and begin the text Holes. 

enlightenedIn geography, we will complete out final lesson of Extreme Earth.

enlightenedIn science, we will start our circulation topic.

enlightenedIn music, we will focus on pulse, rhythm and understanding of beat.


Just like last week, each day will be uploaded daily ready for you to begin. This will be fond at the bottom of this page.


This week Joe Wicks will start his morning PE lessons on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can find him here This will add up to 90 minutes of PE across the week. You can take part in this at 9am when he is live online and then stagger your lessons after this, or you can follow his lesson at a later point in the day.




The BBC have also come up with a supporting timetable for your child. 


The show appropriate for a Year 6 child will be shown at 9:40. These might not match what your child has been focusing upon online this week, but the content will be age appropriate and a fun way of learning something new. These are optional.


All shows after this will be suitable for your child and their siblings. Horrible Histories are always highly entertaining, whilst being informative. Art Ninja, at 11:05, could also be a good choice to tune into. 


Further information can be found here


Have a great week!



Please take a look at our fabulous work from week one of home learning. Although it has been tricky to adjust to a new way of learning, we have tried our hardest.