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Week 4

Literacy and Numeracy work will be uploaded here on a daily basis for those in my teaching sets and this work is intended to last the whole morning.  

Spellings, phonics or handwriting - 15 minutes

Reading - 30 minutes

Grammar - 15 minutes

Main Literacy / Writing - 45 minutes

Times Tables - 15 minutes

Main Numeracy Lesson - 60 minutes


For curriculum work to be completed in the afternoons, please check under the home learning the Year 5 section.

Group 2 Phonics & Reading
Group 3 Phonics and Reading
Group 2 Maths
Group 1 Reading
Grammar - Whole Group
Group 2 Phonics and Reading
Group 3 Phonics and Reading

Main Literacy Lesson

Today the children need to edit the description of the Dream Giver that they wrote at the end of last week.  They should check that they have included:

  • Capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and for names (Dream Giver)
  • Full stops at the end of each sentence
  • Commas in a list
  • A simile ('As thin as sticks' 'like a sick')
  • Adjectives - including 2A sentences (2 adjectives in a sentence 'His long, thin legs...')
  • Coordinating conjunctions to join 2 separate sentences together (FANBOYS - for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
  • Subordinating conjunctions to create a complex sentence (I SAW A WABUB -  if, since, as, when, although, while, after, before, until, because.  For example 'While his wings buzzed, the children continued to sleep soundly in their beds.')

Children make alterations in a different colour pen or pencil then write out their completed piece. 

Group 1 Maths
Group 2 Maths
Reading Group 1
Group 2 Phonics and Reading
Group 3 Phonics and Reading
Grammar - Whole Group

Main Literacy Lesson - Whole Group

The pupils will begin by watching The Dream Giver clip again (Search Literacy Shed Dream Giver).  Together we will discuss the main parts of the story and break it down into paragraph headings:

  • Paragraph 1 - Introduction of the dream giver and the setting
  • Paragraph 2 - Build up, where the Dream Giver gives the dreams
  • Paragraph 3 - The main event, where the boy breaks the egg on the book and the Shadow Serpent chases the boy
  • Paragraph 4 - The resolution, where the Dream Giver saves the boy
  • Paragraph 6 - The ending, where the boy wakes up

Today I will model write the first paragraph from which the pupils will magpie ideas (this model write has been added as an attachment).  They will then write their own paragraph 1 to include:

  • Scene setting - where the Dream Giver lands and checks the address
  • Opening of the shutter on the window
  • Describing the Dream Giver's face
  • Describing his body
  • Describing how he moves
  • Ending with him landing on the first bed and telling the reader why he does this.


Group 1 Maths
Group 2 Maths
Group 1 Reading
Group 2 Phonics and Reading
Group 3 Phonics and Reading
Grammar - Whole Set

Main Literacy Session - Whole Group

Today the children are going to complete their first paragraph of the story "The Dream Giver" (The clip can be found by searching 'Literacy Shed, dream Giver'.  This is the work they started yesterday.  Once completed the children to edit their work and ensure they have:

  • Included capital letters, full stops and commas in a list
  • Included nouns and adjectives to describe them
  • Included a coordinating clause
  • Included a subordinating clause
  • Included a simile
  • Ensured they included all the relevant points from yesterday's session.

Once they have edited, the children need to write up this paragraph with the additions and alterations in place.

Group 1 Maths
Group 2 Maths
Group 1 Reading
Group 2 - Phonics and Reading
Group 3 - Phonics and Reading
Grammar - Whole Group

Main Literacy Session - Whole Group

Today the children are going to write the second section in the story 'The Dream Giver'.   This is where the author builds up tension and hints at something that is about to happen.  The children need to watch the clip again (search 'literacy shed dream giver) then include in their writing:

  • The Dream Giver cracking his magical eggs onto the dancer's shoes, the space book, the baseball cards and the jazz poster and the children having their respective happy dreams
  • The boy rolling over and knocking the egg from the bed onto the book of The Shadow Serpent
  • Finish with the swirling vortex of colours and lights and the astronaut being pulled into the Shadow Serpent book

Children need to include:

  • Exciting adjectives to describe their nouns
  • A simile (describing something like or as something else)
  • Subordinating (I SAW A WABUB) and coordinating (FANBOYS) conjunctions 

Once they have finished their writing they need to edit - checking that they have included all of the above, checking they have interesting sentences openers and they do not repeat the same words over and over and up leveling their choice of adjectives if necessary.



Group 1 Maths
Group 2 Maths