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Week 5 (1.2.21 - 5.2.21)

This week we will be taking part the following learning experiences:

English - We will continue looking at report writing. This week we will be focusing on creating a report on desert animals.

Maths - We will be focusing on multiplication this week in our maths lessons.

Phonics – This week we will learning about the suffixes 'ful and less'.

Science - As part of our 'Habitats' topic, we will be learning about what animals eat and what the terms carnivore, omnivore and herbivore mean.

ICT - In ICT we will be continuing our creating pictures unit, this week look at patterns and surrealism.

PSHE - We will continue focusing on our feelings and will be looking at feeling sad.

PE – Continuing from last week, we will be completing our dancing of the elements. This week the element will be water.


We will upload a daily timetable each day, this will outline the learning focus and expectations for the day.


Use your time wisely. I hope to see you back in school very soon but your learning must continue at home for the moment.

A big thank you to parents for supporting your children this week with their work. We really appreciate it.