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WELCOME TO: Nursery & Reception

In nursery this half terms topic is Seaside. The children will be learning about-

  • Making seaside collage pictures.
  • Making and tasting holiday food.
  • Making waves with the parachute.
  • Sharing our feelings about moving to Reception.
  • Talking about telling the truth.
  • Practising balancing, jumping and hopping.
  • Practising pouring, cutting and threading.
  • Making pirate maps and searching for treasure.
  • Writing and sending postcards.
  • Exploring things that are wet and dry.
  • Exploring melting.


In reception this half terms topic is Cooking and Growing. The children will be learning about-

  • Growing plants/vegetables
  • What plants need to grow
  • How food changes as it is cooked
  • Experiments
  • Parts of a plant
  • Comparing human growth to plant growth
  • Where fruit and vegetables come from
  • Cooking vegetable soup
  • Healthy eating
  • The effects of exercise on our bodies
  • Fruit and vegetable prints
  • Songs about growth– Caterpillars only crawl, Sleeping bunnies, Dingle dangle scarecrow
  • Observational drawings
  • Different artists e.g. Arcimboldo
  • Father’s Day
  • Traditions in different cultures
  • Tasting food from different countries
  • Working in teams for sports Day and being part of our first house event with the rest of the school