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Year 1 (Spring Term Self Isolation)

Welcome to Year 1's Home Learning Page


On this page you will find two weeks of pre-planned lessons. There is a daily timetable for each day which outlines the Maths, reading, phonics and writing lessons expected to be completed that day.


There is a curriculum timetable for each week (Week 1 & Week 2), these include science, RE, ICT, Music, PE, ART and PHSE lessons expected to be completed that week.


Lots of the lessons have resources provided online through videos that you can access for free. We have attached copies of worksheets here too and you can access these from home or you can collect a Home Learning Pack from school that has paper copies of these - see Mrs Lillie.


Miss Harper and Miss Waters

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Self Isolation Timetables and Activities

Week 1

Common Exception Words 

Week 1 Curriculum Timetable
Using Your Senses
Week 1 Monday
Week 1 Tuesday
Week 1 Wednesday
Week 1 Thursday
Week 1 Friday
Week 2 Curriculum Timetable
Week 2 Monday
Week 2 Tuesday
Week 2 Wednesday
Week 2 Thursday
Week 2 Friday