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Year 3

smiley Welcome to Year 3's home learning platform! smiley

Here you will find all the resources you need to complete home learning.

You can print, collect work packs, or watch and complete the videos and work online.


This is how each day should work:


As your teachers are explaining everything using the videos, you should only need an adult to explain if you still don't understand once you have listened to the videos.


The work that you complete should be all your own, just like when you are at school.


Make sure you submit your work, and have it marked, by uploading photo of your written work to SeeSaw.


Many thanks,


Miss Phillips and Miss Shaw

Suggested Groupings


Underneath are 5 different groups that have been put together using the most recent assessment information.


This may have changed through the last term of home learning, so please make sure your child selects the work that they feel challenges them, rather than work they find easy.