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Charity Events

Throughout this year, all of the children in year 4 will have the opportunity of representing one charitable cause with a different event each month. The children chose which of the charities they wanted to be involved with and then they were put into committees. So far already this year a lot of money and awareness has been raised.



The first committee helped to raise money for MacMillan selling cakes during playtimes and after school. As a result of their fantastic efforts the total raised was £221.65.



The second committee organised a Harvest Hamper food drop, which got the whole school involved, donating cans, packages and parcels of food. Such was the response, we were able to lay each donated item side by side snaking around the internal perimeter of the school from the Headteacher’s office to a little past the Year 4 classrooms. The food was taken to St Luke’s church to distribute to those who are in need within the community.


Children in Need.

During this month the committee not only chose merchandise to sell but also organised a non uniform day to raise extra money. The total amount raised for Children in Need was an amazing £680.87. Thank you to Greggs for supporting us with this event.


Christmas Shoe Boxes.

As Christmas is a season of giving, this committee have decided to get each class to donate gifts leading up to Christmas which can be given to local families in need.


Go Green.

The school designed Go Green posters to raise awareness for recycling. Maisey Snaith in Year 3 and Lanah Gordon in Year 4 were winners.


Sports Relief.

The children took part in mini challenges and offered donations to support Sports Relief. The total raised was £48.66.


The children took part in cupcake day to raise money and awareness for Altzimers. A cupcake sale took place at playtime and after school. A 'guess the amount of cupcakes' competition also took place, with the winner of a Thorntons chocolate gift set going to a child in 4R.