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Fire House

Staff in Fire house are:

  • Miss Conlon
  • Mrs Deverell
  • Miss Godward
  • Ms May
  • Mrs McIntosh
  • Ms Nicholls
  • Mrs Lillie


House Captains are:

  • Jasmin (House Captain)
  • Charlie (House Captain)
  • Cadaine (Vice Captain)
  • Yousma (Vice Captain)


Triumphs this year are:

  • We came a pleasing 2nd in the first House Challenge of this year. This mini challenge was to produce a 'Fire House Board' located outside the hall to display the new house captains and to depict our house through pictures and art. Second place is a great start to the year where we are hoping to hold on to our house champions title.
  • Well done Fire! It was 1st place for us in this House Challenge. We were tasked with producing a design board of items to include in the time capsule which we have now buried in the quiet area. Fire had many fantastic ideas for this including coins and notes, newspapers, a list of the certificates and badges awarded here at Kingsthorne, names of staff and pupils, latest crazes (slime and fidget spinners), famous actors and pop artists amongst many other ideas. We also suggested the inclusion of a memory card containing photos of the school and special occasions. The children produced a beautiful, double sided ideas board which wowed the judges and earned us the win.
  • Well we all got into the Christmas spirit with this House Challenge! As last year, each of the houses were given a £50 budget to produce food, goods and games to sell on a stall at the Christmas Fayre. This year Fire house produced the very popular plates from last year and held a raffle, played guess the sweets in the jar and ran a tombola in addition to selling various cakes and drinks. Many of the children produced jewellery and charms for the tree which were also sold on the stall. We raised over £300 and came 2nd overall. Well done once again Fire.
  • It was an action packed morning preparing for the Masterchef House Challenge. All pupils were busy cooking, writing out recipes, researching facts and colouring flags of the world. For this challenge, Fire used the theme of take aways featuring Greggs, Macdonalds, Pizza Hut and Bilash (Indian take - away). Of course we also had a Kingsthorne Healthy Wednesday stall which featured a variety of fruit and veg recipes. There were some fabulous recipes from home celebrating the diversity found in Kingsthorne including a Latvian Fruit Roll! It was 1st place for Fire in this challenge pushing us into the lead overall this year. Well done Fire!
  • A huge well done to the whole Fire Team for their teamwork, creative thinking and problem solving in the Curriculum Cup. Fire worked hard together to score as many points as possible in the 20 minute challenges set for them but sadly it just wasn't our lucky day and it was 4th place for us in this House Challenge. However, we are still second overall so we need to make sure our talent is spotted in the next House Challenge!
  • This year's talent show had a Take That theme and all houses worked together on a whole school production. Each house had actors, dancers, impersonators, bouncers and of course Fire danced their hearts out to 'Relight my Fire' featuring Jasmin as Lulu. Fun was had by all and it was joint second for Fire in this challenge. Just Sports Day left to determine this year's champions - fingers crossed we retain our title!
  • It was a successful 2nd place for Fire in the Sports cup, however, unfortunately this has meant 3rd place for Fire overall this year. Well done Fire House.