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Ice House

Staff in Ice house are:

  • Mrs Brennan
  • Mrs Linger
  • Mrs Davidson
  • Miss Buckmaster
  • Miss Reeves
  • Mr Soor


House Captains are:

  • Deanna (House Captain)
  • Abbas (House Captain)
  • Isabelle (Vice Captain)
  • Nathan (Vice Captain)


Triumphs this year are:

  • For our first challenge this year we had to create an Ice themed notice board. We did a mountain and river theme and our House Captains became Eskimos. We all had great fun making snow-flakes and using cotton wool to emphasise our mountains. Unfortunately, we came in 4th place as all of the boards representing the Houses were fantastic. We are looking forward to our next challenge.

  • The Art challenge was an exciting challenge – we had to think about our Kingsthorne Time Capsule and decide what should go in it. We decided to represent a model of the school with pictures of the lessons we do now. We also included images of games, technology and our favourite restaurants. We came 2nd place which made us very proud.
  • The Christmas Fayre was excellent! We made reindeer food, hot chocolate and marsh mellows, we created reindeer candy cane sweets and special tree hangings. Two of our House Captains made slime which was very popular and we also ran a tombola. We raised over £220 which made us very proud even though we were in 4th place.
  • Ice House thoroughly enjoyed our MasterChef competition. Our theme was food from different continents and we made our classroom into an airport. We had security for the judges to go through, a departure lounge with flights listed and air hostesses giving out food. Our pilot also notified the passengers of our flight path. We made a wide variety of food including goulash, sprinkle bread, chickpea curry and pilau rice. Our cake was a huge cupcake with icebergs around it, which looked amazing. We were very disappointed at coming 4th as we thought we had created an excellent room and food from many different counties but will pick ourselves up and prepare for the next house challenge.
  • A big well done to Ice House for coming joint second in the problem solving cup! Ice worked hard, taking part in a variety of 20 minute problem solving activities, working together to think of creative solutions and to overcome challenges. We are looking forward to the Talent show to showcase more of our amazing talents.
  • In the Talent Show we tried something a little different – we worked together with the other houses to create a Take That extravaganza! Some of us auditioned to be teachers, such as Mrs Darnbrough and Mr Wright. We sang and danced to a medley of Take That songs. It was a great opportunity to perform with other houses and we were honoured to win this challenge! This means that on Sports Day any of the four houses could be crowned winners. A special mention must go to Nicole Watts for her outstanding performance as a finale to the show.
  • As another year of house challenges comes to an end, Ice have unfortunately finished in 4th place after an exciting and 'hot' sports cup. Well done to all who have done Ice proud over the year.