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School Meals

As a school we promote healthy eating, this gives the children the benefits of being able to concentrate on their lessons which will improve their learning and behaviour.
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If your child has packed lunches please ensure their lunch box has at least 1 piece of fruit and a healthy drink (i.e. water but nothing fizzy). For example their lunch box could have a sandwich made from brown bread (50/50), a slice of pizza, pasta, wraps, pitta bread pockets or a bagel. For desert they could have a yoghurt, a piece of fruit, fruit bags, carrot sticks, slice of fruit loaf or cucumber slices. For a savoury treat they could have snack-a-jacks or baked crips (i.e. Wotsits, Quavers etc). Please limit any chocolate treats to a maximum of 1 fun sized chocolate bar.


If you are struggling for ideas with your child's lunch box please see Mrs Lillie or Mrs Morris who will be happy to help you. Thank you!

Picture 1 Christmas lunch
Picture 2 Santa joined us for lunch
Picture 3 A selection of hot food
Picture 4 A selection of hot food
Picture 5 A selection of hot food
Picture 6 A selection of hot food
Picture 7 Salad bar
Picture 8 Friendly catering staff
Picture 9 Delicious fruit salad
Picture 10 Various healthy joghurts
Picture 11 Lovely fresh fruit available
Picture 12 Yummy desert

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