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Fire House


  • Miss Phillips
  • Miss McCarthy
  • Mr Peckett
  • Mrs McIntosh
  • Mrs Deverell
  • Miss Made



  • Riley
  • Lewis
  • Alicia
  • Lily




Problem Solving.

  • A huge well done to the whole Fire Team for their teamwork, creative thinking and problem solving in the curriculum cup. Fire worked hard together to score as many points as possible in the 20 minute challenges set for them. It was a fun morning for all.


Business Challenge.

  • We all got into the Christmas spirit with this house challenge. As last year, each of the houses were given a £50 budget to produce food, goods and games to sell on a stall at the Christmas fair. This year Fire house produced a range of tasty delights for an amazing price. Unfortunately, we came last but we all thoroughly enjoyed creating and developing our stalls. We even enjoyed tasting the products. Well done Fire for fantastic teamwork.


Art Challenge.

  • The first challenge of 2019 was to create a piece of artwork based upon a range of different artists. Key Stage 1 studied Picasso, Years 3 and 4 concentrated Kandinsky and Years 5 and 6 focused on Lowry. Years 5 and 6 won. We do believe it was because of the gorgeous Kingsthorne School building, in the centre of the frame, which was drawn by a select team of artists. We thoroughly enjoyed creating our art pieces and are very proud of our final displays. 


Talent Show.

  • In the Fire House talent show. We had to create a piece of work that was connected to Easter. We really enjoyed this task, especially the song and making up the moves to go with it. In Years 3 and 4, we were given a poem and we had to create a performance from it. We enjoyed making the props. In Years 5 and 6, we were given the song, 'Praise You' by Fatboy Slim. We developed our own dance using ideas from the video. We also tried to show off our own talents in movement to help make our piece the best. Luckily, we really liked our song choice and so did our dance captains, Mr Peckett and Miss McCarthy, we think it reminded them of when they were young. All in all, it was an action packed day ending with a BRILLIANT performance that we, as a team, are very proud of.  All our hard work and dedication paid off and WE WON. Well done to all of Fire House. Great teamwork and a fantastic result.



  • “What an amazing day it was! We were set the task of designing a picnic spread for each house to display with the theme of ‘The Great British Picnic’.  We set to work on making a range of sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads, cupcakes, biscuits, cheese twists… you name it. We even had a fruit punch! We chose to theme our picnic like the Great British Bake Off and set up a marquee (well, a gazebo) on the quad to get in the spirit of the show. Equipped with a sound system playing all the ‘Bake-Off’ hits, we displayed our wares for the judges. All of the ‘Fire Staff’ commented on how well-behaved everyone was and how well everyone pulled together and worked as a team. The older children really helped out the younger ones and were model pupils for their house and their school. The result didn’t go our way and we came 4th but the effort and passion that all the pupils put in was amazing and we are raring and ready for the next one. Bring it on!”


Sports Cup.

  • What an amazing day Fire house had on our sunny sports day! We were in the playground cheering on our team-mates as we competed in races such as the water race, obstacle course, skipping race, sprints and relays. The support that we had for not only our own house, but all the other children competing was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating talents we saw in the children that competed. Although we had a valiant effort, and won some individual races, we came 4th in the Sports Cup and 3rd place overall. As we finish the year and look to September all we can say is - bring it on!