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Ice House


  • Mrs Brennan
  • Miss Reeves
  • Mr Soor
  • Miss Blewitt
  • Mrs Linger
  • Mrs Davidson
  • Miss Buckmaster



  • Harrison
  • Nathan
  • Grace
  • Jainaba




Problem Solving.

  • There were plenty of problems to be solved during the problem solving challenge and the children worked hard in teams to solve some tricky brainteasers. We were really proud of how well the children worked on these, showing great resilience, teamwork and effort. Ice House came 3rd in this challenge…watch out Christmas fair.


Business Challenge.

  • We had a fabulous time thinking up crafts to make, food to sell and games to play for the Christmas fair. We set up a fantastic stall full of delicious treats, fun games, but most of all... lots and lots of slime. It was a great success and all of the slime sold out. We were hot on the heels of the 2nd place house, only a matter of a couple of pounds profit behind. We were very proud of the money we made and the hard work that we put into it.


Art Challenge.

  • We really enjoyed the art challenge across the school. Working in phases, Y1 and Y2 created a piece of Picasso-inspired artwork, Y3 and Y4 created a Kandinsky inspired masterpiece and Y5 and Y6 created a Lowry inspired portrait. The artistic skills on display and the quality of work produced were clear to see. The pictures are now framed in the corridors for all to see. We came 3rd overall…talent show we are coming for you.


Talent Show.

  • We loved performing for the school in the talent show. Years 1 and 2 sang an amazing Easter song, ‘Boom Chicken Boom’, and did it so beautifully! Years 3 and 4 treated us to a great poem, ‘What is Easter?’, even acting out the Easter story. Years 5 and 6 danced their hearts out to ‘I Want Candy’, putting on a great show and working together brilliantly. We were thrilled to come in 2nd place – great teamwork Ice!



  • On the morning of the Masterchef house challenge day we were presented with the task of creating a ‘Great British Summer Picnic’. Ice house decided to go with a festival theme to represent our summer picnic. During the morning, the children were busy making bunting and flags to decorate our table and surrounding area. They also made boxes to hold the sandwiches and fairy cakes that we made. For the food, children in Year 2 and Year 4 decorated some very pretty fairy cakes with blue and white icing in a variety of different shapes, we also decorated biscuits with delicious white icing and hundreds and thousands. In the savoury room children from Years 3 and 5 made pasta using a stir in tomato sauce and made it tastier by adding some crispy, crunchy vegetables and a sprinkling of cheese. In addition to this they made mini vegetable pizzas using puff pastry and plenty of yummy toppings. In the third room, children from year 1 and 6 were very busy making some awesome sandwiches with a variety of mouth-watering fillings. Outside, we set the scene for our festival with the bunting the children had made. We laid out our table with a floral tablecloth and the food was labelled with mini flags. We even had a mini camper van, an inflatable flamingo and watermelon and a decorative cake stand to show off our delicious food to its full advantage. These extra festival themed decorations definitely impressed the judges! Around our table we placed some picnic rugs and bean bags from the classroom to add to the relaxed festival vibe. By the end of the afternoon every scrap of food was gone. The children also enjoyed the lemon and cucumber water we made and were happy to even eat the sliced lemon and cucumber out of the kilner jar-so we reached our goal of minimum waste after this Masterchef!


Sports Cup.

  • We loved participating in Sports Day this year. Key Stage 1 and Reception competed in an obstacle course, water race, egg and spoon race and a relay race. Key Stage 2 children also took part in an obstacle relay, egg and spoon race, skipping race and a water race. Well done to everyone in Ice house on achieving 3rd place in the Sports Cup and coming 2nd place overall. Let’s build on this and do even better next year.