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  • Let's start our write up with the good news...WE WON! Our challenge morning was spent decorating and creating delicious treats. In Key Stage 1 the children decorated cupcakes with butter icing and sprinkles. Year 3 made chocolate rice crispy cakes and chocolate hedgehogs. Year 4 made their own cupcakes. Year 5 made chocolate cheesecakes and Year 6 made rocky road. As well as creating and making, the children designed posters and packaging to promote and support their stall. As always, Ice House were fabulous and were the well-deserved winners. What a fabulous start to House Challenges for Ice House!! Let's keep up this winning streak!

Christmas Craft Challenge.

  • This term's House challenge was a Christmas Craft challenge. The children spent the morning creating different Christmas decorations, including baubles, Christmas trees and stars. They produced Christmas card designs and New Year calendars with glitter everywhere! The three best designs per class were picked, with points being earned for each house. The children were amazingly creative and the eventual winners were Fire and Ice.

Problem Solving.

  • Children working online and in school were set four problem solving activities. For each one successfully completed a point was awarded. Each child could get a maximum of four points which went straight to their house. It was wonderful to see so many creative entries. From recycled boats to how many star jumps you could do in one minute. It was clear all the children had a fun day. Well done everyone, we came 3rd.

Art Challenge.

  • This term's house challenge was the Art Challenge. The children created a piece of art work independently. Each year group had a different theme, with some year groups also producing 3D work. Year 1 created pictures of flowers (Agapanthus and Hyacinths) using finger painting. Year 2 created a painted animal picture in the style of pointillism, they used coloured paints and brushes to make the dots. Year 3 looked at pop art images and recreated them in the colourful style of Andy Warhol using different art materials. Year 4 created geometric patterns using overlapping circles, which were very effective. Year 5 created an underwater aquarium, based on their upcoming Mysteries of the Deep topic. The children used perspective to create a 3D effect for their artwork. Year 6 created tonal images using sketch pencils, they focused on the theme of crowns and also linked this to their RE focus. All the children did their very best and it was clear that fun was had by all. Four winners from each class were picked, based on the quality, effort and creativity of their work. Winners earned points for their houses. Well done to Ice house for coming in at joint 3rd place.

Science Challenge.

  • Each year group was given a theme to base their investigations around. Year 1 Light and Shadow, Year 2 Electricity, Year 3 Animals and Mini-Beasts, Year 4 Light, Reflection and Refraction, Year 5 States of Matter and Year 6 Forces, Magnets and Resistance. The children worked within their house to complete investigations throughout the morning. Each group was given a score for each investigation, based on completing the investigation, working independently, communicating their learning and using scientific vocabulary. There were some fantastic research taking place and the children really impressed us with their enquiring minds. Congratulations to Ice who won 1st place, followed by Fire in 2nd place and Water and Earth in joint 3rd place.