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Home Learning Provisions

Welcome to Nursery’s Home Learning Page!
Below is an overview of the home learning for Nursery.
You will find videos of lessons on Tapestry Learning Journal – just search for ‘Self isolation’ and the lessons will appear.
Please upload the work you complete with your child and then more tasks will be sent to you as you complete these each day. If you have any issues at all please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Oxley for help…or further challenges!
In addition, there are so many ways you can help your child to learn – why not try baking with your child and talk about the ingredients, counting them out or helping your child to see numbers on the weighing scales?  You could play with playdough and make different shapes, or explore how you can squeeze, roll and shape the playdough. Water play is also a fun way to explore things together.  What floats and sinks in your house? Please feel free to share any of this child-led learning with us on Tapestry too.
Finally, sharing stories, songs and rhymes with your child is a relaxing and invaluable way to help your child develop – their language, understanding, attention span and concentration skills.  Have fun and enjoy the home learning you share with your child.
Thank you
Nursery Team