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groups to complete the task


Choose one of your goals from last week and think about all the steps you would need to achieve that goal.

Try to break it down into as many smaller steps as you can.

For example, if one of your goals was to be a doctor, you might have to think about goals like this:


1. Finish primary school with KS2 tests results that are high.

2. Start secondary school in all the top groups.

3. Volunteer at a hospital to get experience of what it's like

4. Gain the GCSEs that I need to get into studying A-levels

5. Choose a work-experience at a doctor's surgery to know what goes on there.

6. Study hard to get good A-levels

7. Get to university

8. Continue with my positive work ethic and qualify as a junior doctor.

9. Work hard on the job to get the skills needed, like specialising in an area of medicine i'm interested in

10. Continue a journey of life-long learning (that started in primary school!)